Northern Virginia Ranked 13th in North America
Royals, Majestics, and VA Alliance Again Garner Super Y-League Honors
United Soccer Leagues (USL) announced earlier this month the final Super Y-League (SYL) First and Second-11 Club rankings for the 2011 regular season, recognizing the league’s top clubs on a competitive and administrative basis. Northern Virginia Royals (boys) and Majestics (girls) youth soccer teams, together with partner club VA Alliance, earned thirteenth place overall of the 110 Super Y-league clubs in North America. 
With the 2011 ranking, Northern Virginia finished in the top twenty Super Y-League rankings for the fifth consecutive year.  Additionally, the Northern Virginia Royals program landed a number ten spot in separate First-11 Club honors for their success the past season.
Taking top honors across both the boys and girls divisions were MPS Bulldogs/Renegades Soccer Club from Boston, Massachussetts as the club accumulated a total of 93.97 points. The Northern Virginia Majestics/Royals grabbed the prestigious number one ranking a two years ago with a score of 81.80 for the 2009 season.

Northern Virginia Gains National ODP Honors
Royals, Majestics, and NOVA FC Earn 30 National Camp Player Selections
Taken from USLSoccer.com
United Soccer Leagues announced today the player selections for the Super Y-League’s Olympic Development Program (ODP) National Camps to be held at the IMG Academies in Bradenton, Florida next February.  Northern Virginia FC is well represented on the list of chosen attendees, claiming thirty spots in the national elite pool.
Each nominated player has been identified as one of the top players in their birth year, and among the top 2% of players in the previous 2010 Super Y-League season. 
The Super Y-League ODP camp represents an elite group of players coming together to display their soccer talent and work ethic to collegiate and national team scouts. The ODP focus groups this year will be for the top players (216 Girls & 216 Boys) born in either 1994/1995 or 1996/1997. The additional lists showing those players born in 1992 & 1993 are posted to recognize the top players from those birth years. That list will be promoted to over 1,000 colleges as well as to the USSF National Staff or the Canadian Soccer Association.
For more information and a list of the Northern Virginia players slected, please click ’learn more’.

2010 U17/20 Nova FC Boys Roster
Player Pool
U17/20 Nova
Alex Mitchell
Andrew Hayden
Andrew Penken
Andrew Whitlock
Bo Malin
Brad Wellens
Bubba(G) Delgado
Carey, Matt
Chris Dunn
Cross, Hugh
Fritz, Harrison
Hayato Gibbons
Jake Weiss
Kennedy, Zachary
Kevin Shavalay
Kody Palmer
Lazo, Rene
Mathieu Wetmore
Matt Fraedrich
Mikias Eticha 
Moussa Diallo
Pedro Rivera
Phau, Paul
Ramos, Carlos
Rana, Chirayu
Robert Dewald
Robert Marsters
Rodas, Kenny
Sean Hayden
Sergio Foronda
Sessoms, Ian
Shelton, James
Slye, Champion
Teos, Michael
Virga, Justin
Willans Delgadillo
Yousef Nikzai

Northern Virginia FC Named Best SYL Club in North America
Royals and Majestics Top Youth Soccer Rankings
Taken from USLSoccer.com
United Soccer Leagues (USL) announced today the Super Y-League (SYL) First and Second-11 Club rankings for the 2009 regular season, recognizing the league’s top clubs on a competitive and administrative basis. Northern Virginia FC, comprised of the Royals (boys) and Majestics (girls) youth soccer teams, garnered the prestigious number one spot, finishing as the top Super Y-league club in North America. 
The top overall club in the SYL this season, the Northern Virginia Majestics/Royals scored an 81.80 to edge out the second-best club in the league, the MPS Bulldogs/Renegades (Massachusetts), by less than a tenth of a percent.
The Northern Virginia Royals were an impressive 41-3-14 during the SYL Regular season. They finished fourth in the boys rankings with a score of 78.11. Their U14, U15 and U17 boys went undefeated, while their U13, U16 and Super-20 League teams each had just a single loss. All five of the club’s SYL teams will be present at the SYL North American Finals.

Northern Virginia’s girls, the Majestics were 36-10-4 this season, finishing fourth in the girls rankings with a score of 79.27. The Majestic’s U13, U14 and U16 girls will all compete for a North American Championship in Tampa.

2009 Super Y-League Regular Season First 11 Club Rankings [+]

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