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Northern Virginia FC
Royals and Majestics Lead Development in Northern Virginia

The Northern Virginia Football Club  (NOVA FC) was established in 1997 as a member of the United Systems of Independent Soccer Leagues (USISL).  While the USISL has gone through realignments and subsequent name changes over the years, NOVA FC has also adapted and grown to meet the needs of the Northern Virginia soccer community.   As USISL evolved through the years into what is now known as the United Soccer Leagues (USL), it has developed a full top-to-bottom approach in fostering soccer development in North America.  Partnered with US Soccer and the Canadian Soccer Federation, the USL has perfected a club structure tailored to the progressive expansion of soccer on the continent.  NOVA FC has embraced this complete club model structure and focuses exclusively on development  at all levels to promote the beautiful game.

The USL has always maintained a central vision to provide quality family entertainment while developing the game of soccer in every community across North America.  Since it’s birth two decades ago, USL has reformed  to incorporate a men’s professional leagues (USL Pro Division), a men’s developmental league (the USL Premier Development League), and a former woman’s league (USL W-League).  The USL Super-20 League acted as a stepping stone to fill the void between amateur and youth levels while the Super Y-League, the top youth league in North America, still serves as a supporting infrastucture in the USL model.

Around the world, soccer clubs have vertically developed their organizations to facilitate the development of players.  A properly operated player development program can increase a team’s player pool while providing the infrastructure for a regional or national level talent growth.  The USL recognized that in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean, there exists a void in this area.  More importantly, the USL believes this pyramid structure is a necessary element for the survival of the professional game.  As a result, the USL structure incorporates all levels of the development and encourages its organizations to create vertically integrated soccer clubs.

NOVA FC is one such full service club dedicated to the USL vision of North American soccer development.  Partnered with the Northern Virginia Soccer Club at the youth level, NOVA FC strives to provide development of players at all ages and levels.  In addition to introducing children as young as five to soccer in the form of camps, clinics, and related games, NOVA FC also felds numerous senior teams to extend the club beyond the PDL and W-League age levels.  The Northern Virginia Majestics recently won the Over 40 Women’s National Championship title in 2006 with several members from the 1999 inaugural Majestics W-League team.

Dedicated to the growth of soccer at the grassroots level in the Northern Virginia community, NOVA FC illustrates its full service club structure as a developmental pyramid.



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