2022 NOVA FC Roster

Sandy Dubois -  Marie Schweitzer - Marie Zack  

Maria Ramos - Colleen O'Day - Peggy McCarthy  

Cahty Turner - Diane Poole - Heidi Petrides - Lisa

Ninomiya - Carolina Coll - Syndey Shepherd - Niki Grandrimo

Jennifer Farina - Dawn Eilenberger -  Nicole Alves-

Warwick -Stephanie Shea - Tami Burns - Kristen Galloway

Nova FC Over 40 W

The NOVA FC Over 40 Women's team plays in the Fairfax Women's Soccer Association League.  Many players have played in this league for over thirty years,  After college, there were not too many options for women to play in the Northern Virginia area.  There are divisions for Open, Over-30 (Masters), Over-40 (Grandmasters), Over-50 (Great Grandmasters) and Over 580 (Gold).  In this league there is also an opportunity for players who have never played before to enroll in a Developmental Program.



For more information contact Marie  marieschweitzer2021@gmail.com