Our goal for Nova FC is to create an environment in which everyone involved from the ground up is an integral part of our club.

For the success of Nova FC, we have created an environment that recruits the best coaches, dedicated to the success of the players and the club. We offer our players an environment that mimics the professional system, from video analysis via VEO camera systems to data collecting through TITAN GPS and Playmaker. In order to prepare players for the next step they must have the tools to be successful.

In partner with Soccer Syndicate we will be able to place and identify players for opportunities to train with professional clubs throughout the USA and Europe. We look to encourage both coach and player development via these opportunities to showcase their skills at the highest level. Nova FC has six former first team coaches coaching professionally through out the United States. This will provide the opportunity for players to be assessed by professional academies/clubs, and play against the top players.

Nova FC also provides a management team with consultants for all of the players who do make that leap into professional soccer environment. Nova FC has teamed up with The Soccer Syndicate, a sports networking company. Players who do succeed in reaching the next level can only help to grow our club, and this is the final piece in achieving the long term goals and sustainability for our organization.

Our connections at every level of the game are endless and span an extensive list of Colleges, USL Championship, USL 1, MLS, English Premier League, Europe, and also South America. The highest level players will be assured of maximum exposure to all of our resources in the hope that one day they can achieve their goals and aspirations. 

We are family. We are Nova FC. 

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