How to Become A Sponsor

We offer our Sponsors and Community Partners exposure to a large and unique audience. 

We approach sponsorship with complete flexibility and a willingness to be creative with sponsorship benefits that  best meet your companies marketing needs. We prefer to build customized sponsorship programs designed to fit each partner’s strategy. 

· 4x8 sign at Marauder FC home games (some events will be streamed live on the turf)

· Behind the goal banner at home games

· Partner branding at Marauder FC indoor facilities visited by 500,000 customers yearly

· Partner advertisement on Marauder FC Web site   

· Partner advertisement included in Marauder FC and Nova FC Newsletter, 22,000 customers

· Press release announcing Partner as a Premier Partner 

· Partner logo on Player signing announcements

· Partner logo on Game Day roster announcements

· Partner’s logo on Marauders FC game jerseys (Chest)  (Games are streamed live)

· Logo on Training Jersey/ Warm up Jersey Chest

· PA announcements mentioning Partner as Marauder FC partner 

· Partner outing/team building event at Marauder FC partner facility 

· 200 game day 200 youth ticket donation with Logo on ticket for all home games

· Player meet and greet and/or appearance



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Supporting those in need starting with quality products. CBD solutions for everyday problems

NobleCanni has always been about brining like minded people together under a bigger purpose:
to build a better, more helpful and giving world. Our vision is just that.
We took a look at the things we stood for, including charity environment, and community, and
decided that more could be done for the CBD industry and the world as a whole. It could be
uplifted in so many ways. So with these ideas in mind, we grew into a marketplace with
top-quality brands and activism promotion.